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Three Tips for Starting Your Own Business

Going into business for yourself is a frightening prospect at the best of times.

You will be trading in the security of a permanent position and thrusting yourself into the spotlight.

Success will be entirely down to you and you really have to justify having a lazy day or taking time off.
However, on the flipside, there are few things that match the sensation of working for yourself or owning your own small business.

You get to make the decisions and everything that you earn comes off the back of your own hard work, rather than as a by-product of someone else’s.

It truly is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world.
Starting up is one of the parts of the process so, with this in mind, here are three handy tips that will help shine a flashlight into the murky world of starting your own business.
1. Have a business plan

Whether you decide to sell bikes or espresso machines, you must have a definite business plan.
Having an idea, or even the seed of an idea, is where all great businesses start.

However that alone simply isn’t enough to truly succeed. Before starting your business you need to plan everything out. What will be the most important actions you need to take?

business-planWhat short-term plans should you make? How will you prepare for the long-term? All of these questions and many more need to be considered and answered before you take the plunge.
Additionally writing a business plan may give rise to questions that you hadn’t even considered. Thinking about the IT infrastructure may give you pause to think about specific software that may be needed.

Thinking about taking invoices may lead to you having to make a decision on whether or not you need a dedicated accountant. It’s a lot of initial organising but you won’t regret it once it’s done.
2. Go digital
Websites and social media are the storefronts and word of mouth of the modern age.

All businesses, no matter how big or small, have the opportunity to engage a wider audience thanks to the web and, with the popularity of smartphones and other devices, there has never been a time when the internet was more readily accessible.
Think about what your business has to offer that no other business can and make sure to focus on that as part of your digital strategy.

Share useful information and be as interesting and unique as possible on social platforms and eventually you will begin building a following that can directly transfer into leads and sales.
3. Network
Networking is as important now as it ever was. Discuss your business with everybody you think may be interested in what you have to offer.

Even if they aren’t, they may be able to refer you to people who are.
Be engaging and interesting. Don’t belabour your points or attempt to push people in a direction that they don’t want to follow.

However if the opportunity arises promote yourself, promote your business and above all show the enthusiasm that encourages potential customers and business partners that you have the dedication to do what you need to do to succeed.

3 Easy Sales Jobs to get started

A job in sales can be a way to generate income.  Most sales associates are paid with a portion of the item’s price, known as a “commission”, or a low hourly wage plus a commission.  There are many different types of sales techniques, not just the stereotypical high-pressure type.

Of course, a broad knowledge of  sales techniques  is useful.  I’ve also found that individuals with backgrounds in psychology, social work, sociology, nursing, military, maintenance and the service industry do quite well at sales.  Salesmanship is not all about making people buy your product, it’s also about making that process as easy as possible for customers.

Certain purchases are inevitable in life:  if a customer needs a washing machine, it’s a given that he or she will purchase a washing machine.  Personally, I’m more comfortable with a salesperson who works within my limits as opposed to a salesperson who pressures me to upgrade.

Other products sell themselves:  If a woman walks into a jewelry store, she’s already interested in buying jewelry.  She would not have entered the store otherwise.  As a sales associate, you want to cultivate those customers who are “just browsing”, which are referred to “Be-backs”.  Individuals with a background in the service industry or social sciences understand how to quickly build relationships.  If you, as a salesperson, can answer a customer’s questions or alleviate any anxiety, that customer will return to you when they decide to purchase.

Some low-pressure sales environments to consider:

Pawn Shop:  Pawn shops offer loans with valuables as collateral.  If the loan is not repaid, the shop is free to sell the item.  Pawn shops also sell items that they have purchased from individuals.  These are usually items of high value such as firearms, jewelry, and electronics, and a sales associate needs to have a broad knowledge base in these areas, such as the current price  of precious metals or the particular functions of different firearms. They often find themselves dealing with old silver coins and bars from customers looking for cash.  By working in a pawn shop, you’ll be able to sharpen your people skills, learn about the different legal requirements for specific items, and work in an extremely entertaining environment.

Jewelry store:  Jewelry stores usually sell both fine jewelry and fashion jewelry.  Fine jewelry is set in platinum, gold  or silver, and usually contains precious or semi-precious stones.  Fashion jewelry is usually made of surgical steel, plastic or base metal.  Commissions on jewelry sales are usually inversely proportional to the sales price. (The higher the price, the lower the commission).  For example, the commission on a diamond sale is about 2%, while the commission on fashion jewelry may be as high as 7%.  Independently owned jewelry stores are also able to function as a specialized pawn shop.  They will often accept gold and silver as payment, and always have the latest “spot” prices.  “Spot” refers to the current price of precious metals, which is always changing.

Numismatic Dealers:  This is a highly specialized area, but one in which products tend to sell themselves.  Numismatists buy, sell and trade coins which have monetary, historic and sentimental value.  Basically, customers enter a coin shop because they have a specific item that they want to acquire.  Sometimes individuals will want to sell their collection for spot value, or put their collection toward a major purchase, which means a major commission for you.

How to Grow a Medical Billing Company

There is nothing quite like the freedom of starting your own business. Not only does it allow you to serve as your own boss and work on your own schedule, but it also allows you to take your work into your own hands and even turn a hobby into a career. It is truly one of the most rewarding do it yourself projects I can think of.

You can really turn anything you are interested in or passionate about into your own business. You can take a hobby, like knitting, and start a knitting or yarn shop online or out of your home, for instance. Or, you can choose to enter a flexible, high demand field and create a business that meets that demand. The sky is the limit when choosing a business to begin.

One particularly popular and appealing area for do-it-yourself businesses is the field of medical billing. This field is perfect for starting your own business because it offers flexibility, can be conducted from home, and has a high level of demand. Hospitals, insurance companies, health care companies, and many others are always seeking people to oversee their billing processes. As a result, the field is growing rapidly, and tends to offer a great salary for anyone willing to invest the necessary time into training and building up a client base.


In order to successfully create your own medical billing company, you will need to become a medical biller yourself, by receiving training and certification. This process will require you to take classes and tests in order to prove your abilities. Fortunately, you should be able to learn what you need through online classes.


Once you are certified, you will have to start small and do your own footwork. Reach out to local medical companies to see if they need billing help. Contact hospitals to ask about helping them process insurance claims and billing. Pitch your abilities, offer fair prices, and be bold. As you build your client base, you will eventually be able to hire other people to take over the billing work while you take on a managerial role, overseeing the operations of your very own business.

I first learned about the benefits of creating your own medical billing company by watching my friend Margot. Two years ago, she was spending all day in a cubicle trying to meet impossible deadlines set by a demanding boss. Medical billing became her way out of that dead end job. After taking classes through Kaplan, she passed the Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist Exam, and received medical billing and medical coding certification.

That certification changed her life. She was able to quit her job and began building up a client base. Over the next two years, she was able to increase her business by tapping into the unmet needs of the medical companies in her area. Now, she and her employees manage all of the bills for the major hospital in the region, as well as the medical billing needs for three local doctor offices. She is a perfect example of the kind of freedom and independence you can achieve by taking the initiative to start your own business.

What Is The State Of The Installment Loan And Payday Loan Industry In Australia?

In the US there has been a dramatic rise in the number of people accessing short-term small value loans such as installment loans and payday loans. This has been particularly apparent since the global financial crisis when so many people found their finances threatened by the economic circumstances of the time.

In the US there was a dramatic reduction in the value of most homes and many people found the value of their home to be less than the value of their mortgage. As well as this there was also a very significant increase in unemployment as well as underemployment and many people found themselves in straitened economic circumstances despite the fact that had not been the case in the past.

This has continued and more recently it’s become apparent that there are now more people living on food stamps in the US than ever before in history.

The upshot of this is that the number of people suffering from issues relating to poor credit scores is increasing and many of these people are now turning to fringe sources of finance. Short-term small value loans like installment loans for bad credit and payday loans for bad credit are now becoming more and more popular and a load of choice for many people who are unable to attract finance from more traditional sources. There has been an explosion in the number of direct lenders of short-term loans and more business is now being written on these high cost low value loans than ever before.

Is there an installment loan and payday loan industry in Australia?

Australia has not been hit quite so hard by the global financial crisis. Despite the fact that over the last twelve months unemployment has increased considerably and youth unemployment even more so, the general public are not finding the economic circumstances quite as difficult as their US counterparts.

However despite this fact there is still a proliferation of small value loans companies offering finance at very high rates.

Of course these companies face government regulation, for example there is a National Credit Act which governs how lenders are able to act in certain circumstances. However this does not outlaw small value high cost loans like payday loans and installment loans.

But it does place various requirements on the small value loans companies, as well as other loans companies, to verify the financial situation of potential customers or at least to take reasonable steps to do so to decide whether or not any credit they may be seeking is suitable for them or not.

Sadly, despite the efforts of government, there are still many people being caught by small loans companies offering loans and terms which appear to be good but which in fact attract very high costs and interest charges.

In fact just in the last few days news has come to light of a potential class action against Cash Converters by 400,000 people alleging excessive charges and costs.

So to answer the initial premise, yes there is an installment loan and payday loan industry in Australia and despite the fact that it is regulated by government it thrives and flourishes. And not all companies do the right thing as evidenced by the new class action against Cash Converters.

Cash for Gold, tips to get the most from your Gold

They are everywhere, the cash for gold companies that are ready to give you instant cash for your gold and jewelry that you do not need in a given time. As with the cost of gold rockets new companies interested in this business are also increasing. This might be due to the highest level of unemployment across the globe, which is an ideal situation for mushrooming of such companies. But how do these companies work? And, do they actually pay you the worth for your gold jewelry? More often than not you will get a decent deal.

Many of the gold for cash companies that you see advertising across the media and on the internet deal with gold and any other precious metals that they can land their hands on, all they look at is the value of a given gold jewelry and its worthiness which depends on the latest market valuation. This is basically the amount of gold contained in jewelry. If a jewelry lets say a gold bracelet is 12 carat gold and a golden ring has 8 carat gold, then definitely the value of the golden bracelet would be higher than that of the ring, period! The beauty of the gold ornament and where or how it was designed is actually immaterial to these companies. If the companies plan is to melt the gold for scrap then, it doesn’t matter the craftsmanship of the jewelry.

In order to give a determination of value, cash for gold companies basically might request you to forward your golden jewelry through mail for weighing and analyzing. You will then get payment highly depending on the purity and amount of gold in the jewelry. Some of these companies provide payment within a day via various money transfer methods of your choice, while others may offer cash direct to you. The good news is that the cash transaction is usually brought to an end within a few days. Those cash for gold companies that practice straight business usually don’t force their clients to sell them the golden jewelry, they give them a choice to make the final decision on whether to sell or not to do so, and this can be helpful especially where one needs to talk to close family friends concerning an expensive jewelry.

Research into this gold to cash companies done a few years ago reveals that actually their trade is growing tremendously despite the challenges involved.  In comparison to gold stores, most cash for gold stores were seen to give lower percentage of pricing to their clients. This is not always true, it is recommended to shop around. The deal isn’t final until they give you the cash in your hand. Most legitimate stores will give you a free price quote. Don’t be intimidated by high pressure sales person, they usually are only interested in getting the best deal for them, and the store they represent.

The companies are not the only way of getting cash from a piece of jewelry, localized jewel and pawn shops are also good places to do so.  The pawn shops provide higher pricing on these golden jewelry due to the reason that they usually re-sale them without necessarily melting the gold out of the jewelry first. If your gold jewelry is of high quality, it would be best to shop around at pawn stores, rather than a true cash for gold store. There are many cash for gold companies online and you can type in the right keyword for a localized result and contact them directly without the need for middlemen. The main thing that you need to have in mind before trading in your piece of jewelry is to get the information about the pricing of gold at any given moment, since this change with time.

Things to Consider When Starting a Trucking Business in Australia

If you decide to begin a trucking industry in Australia, you do have to be aware of the fact that the rules and regulations are not going to be the same as they are in the US. You also have to know the people and clients you will do business with are not the same. These are a few of the things to consider when starting a trucking business in Australia, in order to ensure your business does run smoothly and to ensure that you will make the most out of the work you are doing.

First, off, you have to understand the clients that you are dealing with. You have to know what type of materials they need, what goods they are going to order, what items are transported in Australia, and so forth. One has to be aware of the local demands, and what individuals are looking for, in order to ensure you are not only going to do well, but also avoid loss in revenue.

It is important to know what trucks you need. Depending on the transport, the type of deliveries, and the work you do, the trucks which you use will differ. It is also important to understand the local rules, so you are using the right trucks from transport, in order to ensure that you will be able to do delivery work on the road which you are driving on.

Local rules and regulations for on road transport will also differ. If you are not from the region, or have never done work in the region, you have to learn what the local rules are in order to ensure you are not going to break and road rules when you are on the road. You should fully understand what you can do on the road, how you will be able to run your business, and what is required to run your business.

It is also important to understand how a business is run, tax documents you have to file, and so forth. You have to know how to run your business and how to register it, just as you would have to do if you were in the US. The rules are going to differ, but as a business owner, you still do have to pay taxes and other fees, so you must be aware of what they are, how much you have to pay, and when you have to file these items, to ensure that you will be following the regulations which are in place.

It is not the same as running a US business, but there are many rules and regulations which are going to be similar. You have to understand what they are, how you have to operate your business, and what local rules have to be followed, in order to ensure the business is run legally, and also to ensure your business is going to strive in the region, and with the clients you are will do work with over time.

For more tips on how to start your career as trucker, here’s for you…

Top Home Fitness Tips and Tricks for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur means living a demanding life. Running your own business is not a walk in the park. There are schedules to meet, people to talk to, and a lot of other things to do. These are some of the reasons why every entrepreneur should adhere to living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Living a healthy lifestyle though need not be patterned after elaborate programs being presented by the media every day. On television as well as the internet, we are bombarded everyday with various food supplements and exercise programs claiming they are the ultimate solution to achieving that healthy body. While all these are truly effective in their own way, there are ways to actually achieve that fit body without having to go through all those programs and treatments.

Let us take a look at three tips you need for a healthy life.

Healthy eating habit

Do not be misled by the common misconception that being on diet means eating less. Remember that food acts as the fuel of your body. In the same manner that a car or any machine cannot run without fuel, your body will not function well without enough food intakes.

A healthy eating habit means eating three complete meals a day. Never ever skip a meal, whether that breakfast, lunch or dinner. You need to remember though that you should eat in moderation. Anything excessive is harmful for you. So, eat just enough for your needs.

Meaningful rest

Your body has been subject to varying stress all day long. It deserves to rest and regain strength for the challenges that awaits you the following day. Never go for days without sleep. Rest, especially sleeping is as much a weapon or tool for success as your computers and other gadgets.

Regular exercise

Any food supplement and health products are always claiming to provide quality results but must be paired with regular exercise. In other words, they would be useless if you do not have regular exercise. However, you can still have the same results even if you will not take those products provided you exercise daily.

Our body is designed to move, that is why doing regular workouts can greatly enhance our health. With consistent exercise, we can promote good blood circulation along with improvement of cardio. These are just two of the many benefits of exercise.

You need not have so many machines to have a good and meaningful workout experience. You can go for a rowing machine and a home exercise bike and you are all set for a complete body workout. Find out the best rowing machine by visiting this website.

Squeezing all these tips into your schedule can greatly help you achieve that healthy and fit lifestyle you always dream of. Know more about all kinds of cardiovascular exercise machines by clicking here.

Working from home? work from your attic: the perfect home business site

Whether you work from home, are any kind of student, or simply need a quiet place to take care of bills and such, having a personal home office space is of the up-most importance. However, if, like so many others, you have a home bursting at the seams with kids, spouses, pets, and the hectic life that comes along with them, it may be hard to find that perfect spot to set up shop. Well, it may surprise you to know that your private oasis may have been just above your head the whole time. That’s right, in the attic. While generally thought of as a place of cobwebs and forgotten boxes of childhood memorabilia, the attic is actually the perfect place to set up your ideal home office.


If your attic hasn’t received any attention for a while, it may need a good clean out, or possibly a full-blown conversion. One thing to watch out for here is pests that have turned your attic into a home, such as bats, mice or rats! If you have bats in your attic, it’s advisable to call for professional pest removal help, other pests can be removed yourself.


First of all, by setting up in the attic, you limit the number of distractions you’re forced to deal with. Ideally, the attic will be home to your office, and your office only. This means you don’t have to worry about the other inhabitants of your house making noise in the next room, or stampeding up and down the halls outside your door. Essentially you’ll have an entire floor dedicated solely to you and your work. And of course, with all that space just for you, storage problems become a thing of the past.


By claiming the attic as your office, you’ll be freeing yourself from the hassle of overflowing filing cabinets, ceiling high stacks of boxes, and a desk cluttered with miscellaneous this and that. In the attic, you can space yourself out, give yourself room to breathe. You can organize your space exactly the way you want. Line the walls with shelves. Create a wall of filing cabinets. Dedicate a whole corner to spare office supplies. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself organized and ready to work. And if your preferred style of organization happens to be “throw it all in boxes and hope for the best”, well that’s perfectly fine too; it’s your space. We recommend hiring a contractor to build a nice set of shelved and draws, as attics can sometimes have awkward wall shapes, not suited for traditional cabinetry. If you’re game enough to tackle the task D.I.Y style, make sure you’re safe with protective equipment, such a work boots and ear muffs. Click here for a great resource on the best work boots for your project.


And keeping with that mindset brings us to the best aspect of the attic office: creating the perfect environment. Having the perfect office space isn’t just about the storage and privacy, but it also means creating the best possible work environment for yourself. Perhaps you require a more minimalist space, with only a desk and a chair and nothing but the sounds of you typing away at your computer. Or perhaps you prefer a more comfortable, homey feeling space, with a comfy chair to relax in while you work and a speaker to play soft music. Maybe even include a mini fridge and a coffee pot to minimize the number of times you’ll be forced to leave. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it works for you. The most productive version of yourself is the one that feels the most comfortable and relaxed. Everyone works differently and your workplace should reflect that. You know what works best for you, so take go ahead and take over your attic and let it become your working sanctuary.


Australian Business “Accident”….. Or Was It?

Australia is a beautiful place to be. A ton of beautiful scenery and animals.
I for one work at a nature reserve in Australia. I am quite fond of animals. They are my main focus. I got my forklift certificate (find out about that at this site) so I could organize the warehouse where we keep animal food and other necessities.

It all started on a normal Tuesday afternoon last September. I was going about my regular warehouse routine, waiting for my shift to be over. All of a sudden I got a call saying I needed to get to the reserve quickly. Upon arrival I came to realize they needed my help of the disposal of a deceased animal.

The team started steering toward the lagoon. Crocodile? Sure enough they needed help getting rid of a croc. This isn’t as easy as you think it would be, as crocodiles are quite large and can be heavy, too! Well, being the brilliant bloke I am, I suggested we use my forklift to dispose of the beast. At least it could give us enough shelter between the other crocs and myself, and no hands on dirty work. So, me and my mate went and got our forklifts and began our work. Forklifts can carry anything! But, there was a problem.

My forklift was dying right when i got the croc up. This couldn’t be happening! I thought to myself. I exchanged a look with my mate, and just as I got out the lift, it toppled over. So, now we need to clean up a dead crocodile AND my forklift. Maybe I should have let the maintenance man take a look at the forklift. So, my mate and I got the crocodile out of the way, but the job wasn’t done yet!

Like I said before, a forklift can carry just about anything, hopefully even another forklift. My mate and I got the forklift out of the way as well and my mess was finally cleaned up! I was still in trouble, though.

The thing about having a forklift certificate is that you have to know where the limits are, and you HAVE to be safe. Thankfully, in this little Nature Reserve Escapade no body got hurt! But the potential is always there. If my mate and I weren’t working together, either I would have been eaten alive or I could have been crushed. You always have to be safe!

As you can see, a forklift is meant for the warehouse, not moving crocodiles and other forklifts. Forklifts are very expensive as well, and mine was now destroyed, but at least I still have my license handy, which is also expensive(but the forklift more so). I have had a few accidents in my day, and although this one wasn’t particularly funny at the time, hopefully my son and his sons will have a little chuckle over it. Having read this, I really hope that everyone has the brains not to do what I did which could have cost a lot more that just an expensive forklift.

Now, I can ask my boss for a new forklift. And hopefully, he doesn’t cut my pay over this accident. I needed a new lift anyways.
And always remember; “Carry it low, and Drive it slow” Cheers.

How Can You Make You Own Business By Growing Vegetables At Home Using Grow Lights

Making money is the main priority of every entrepreneur, as well as those who want to be. However, as easy as making money as an entrepreneur sounds, even just coming up with the product or service to sell can take years or even decades. Only the fewest successful entrepreneurs come up with the perfect business idea in their first try. Nevertheless, a good place to start looking for the product to sell is within your portfolio of hobbies and interests. The most successful businesses are often based on products and services that the founders are passionate about.

If your passions circle around plants, herbs and flowers then that is definitely something that you can work with. By growing plants in your home, you can build yourself a versatile base that has the capability to be expanded in many business directions.

Starting to grow plants indoors

As it is common, especially in bigger cities, many apartments don’t feature large backyards that allow for extensive growing of flowers and other plants that could be sold for a profit. However, thanks to ever evolving technologies, such as grow lights that use light emitting diodes, even indoors there is a lot that can be done to start building a business from growing plants. It enables you to grow even the most exotic plants, flowers and herbs without having to carve a hole into one of the outside walls to let in sufficient sunshine for the plants to grow.

While using grow lights, one thing to look out for is not to place the plants too far away from one another. Technically, you can spread the plants out as much as you wish, however, you may find yourself forced to share even your bathroom with your plants due to space constraints and plaster the ceilings of your home with grow lights. By placing the plants closer to one another, one grow light will be able to properly serve multiple plants and save you space and electricity as a result.

Sellable Products that can be made from home grown plants and herbs

Since making money and turning your indoor plant growing hobby into a business is the goal of your venture, you will eventually have to choose the plants to grow and turn into the products you’re intending to sell. Since you are still bound by space constraints, selling potatoes by the ton will likely not be possible, unless you have a very big living room. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything that you can grow and sell out of your home.

Homemade hot sauces, as well as other sauces and spice creations based on herbs and spices that you are able to grow in your small home space can sell well and bring in good revenue. You can also focus on exotic plants and flowers. Even one rare flower may bring in as much as hundreds of roses that can grow in just about any backyard. However, if exotic plants and flowers are what you want to go for, you may have to use more advanced grow lights that emulate the sunlight and the environment of the natural habitats that the flower usually grows in.

No matter what you decide the problem is that you want to sell, growing plants, herbs, spices and flowers indoors is a great place to start evolving around. 

Putting Up a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Australia

You've finally completed your plastic surgery residency program and now you're a full pledged cosmetic surgeon. You have two options – apply to become a plastics attending at a hospital or put up your own private practice. While the former is certainly an easier option, the latter provides much more freedom in terms of time and professional growth. After all, you'd be able to choose what type of procedures to focus on.

There are a lot of things you would need to take care of before you can begin your private practice. First off, you need to make sure you have the right credentials to become a cosmetic surgeon in Australia. If you completed your education in another country, you may have to undergo additional training to be allowed to perform plastic or reconstructive surgery procedures in The Land Down Under. Additionally, you would need to work out your starting capital.

When you have that squared out, the next thing you need to do is to decide on your target market. This is a very important step in putting up a business. Knowing your target market will determine where you should put up your cosmetic surgery clinic, how you should price your services, as well as how you will be marketing your clinic.

Next is research. Say you've decided on middle income earners  between the ages of 25 to 45 as your target market. You need to find out what type of plastic surgery procedures appeal to individuals who fit this criteria. Typically though, liposuction and breast augmentation surgeries are the forerunners. These two procedures are very popular among women all over the world including Australia. So if you're after the big bucks, make sure to include liposuction and breast augmentation in the list of procedures you will be offering.

Of course, you can't just pick off prices for the cosmetic surgery procedures you will be offering from the top of your head. It is important to research global prices of liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and so on. Knowing this will help you determine how much base prices should be and how much you can charge as your professional fee for the Australian market.

You also need research on how much plastic surgery equipment and other materials cost and where to buy them. For example, silicone breast implants cost more than saline ones. However, the former is much more popular among patients. What can you do to make sure your price for silicone breast augmentation is competitive? Source the implants from a supplier that offers high quality silicone breast implants at a good price. The same can be said for the equipment you would need to invest on for your clinic.

Lastly, you would need to decide on is where you will be putting up your clinic. Since your target market is mostly working class individuals, it is highly recommended that you choose a place that is right smack in the middle of everything. You don't necessarily have to be in the middle of the city if you're worried about the costs for rent. However, it would be a good idea to be close to the business district as well as residential areas. This way, your clinic is easily accessible during working hours if your patients want to come in for a consult during their break and is also close to patients who work from home or don't work at all.

The ins and outs of running a photography business

Many people who enjoy photography are good enough at it that they can set up a business offering their services for a decent rate of pay. It goes without saying that setting up any kind of business can be very frustrating and requires a good amount of knowledge and skill. If you don’t know what you are doing and are unsure of some of the processes of a business, then you will find it difficult to be successful in business. It doesn’t matter how great of a photographer you are if you don’t know how to market your business properly. For this reason and many more, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at how you can successfully set up and run your photography business.

Taking Photography Courses

One of the best ways to get your photography business kick started is to take a photography course. These are often inexpensive and will provide you with a lot of knowledge that will be needed to run a successful business. If you take one of the courses that also includes the business aspect of photography, then you will also learn a bit about marketing techniques and perhaps even how to set up a website and tips on finding new clients.

It should be noted however that these business courses won’t be very in-depth, so it’s important to take further courses if you are serious about the business. You will easily be able to find courses that specialize in marketing, web design, finding clients etc. by doing a little bit of research. Marketing is a course that you will want to take in particular as this can be the difference between a successful company and a failed business venture. You will often receive a marketing crash course when doing any photography + business course.

The Reason Why Most Businesses Fail

There is one small reason why the majority of businesses fail and it is something that can easily be avoided. The reason is simple, many businesses take on too much overhead, they purchase huge stores, finance their equipment and take out loans. In regards to a photography studio they may purchase a camera that is way out of their price range, get a studio that is too big, not shop around for equipment or even worse finance it!

So the best way to avoid your businesses failing and keep it running for as long as possible is simply to minimize your overhead as much as possible. Don’t purchase a huge studio if it’s not necessary or if your budget doesn’t allow for it. Similarly, stay away from expensive equipment if you are just starting out, your clients don’t care if you have a Hasselblad or a Canon 5D, they will be perfectly fine with you using a mid-range camera as long as the photos turn out great!


In conclusion, you can ensure that your business gets off to a good start by following the two tips listed above. These are the two biggest reasons why many businesses fail, firstly they are uneducated and don’t have proper knowledge about what they’re getting into and secondly they take on way too many expenses and since their business is still in its infancy they can’t cope with the amount of expenditures.

Business Etiquette in Australia

When you're greeting someone at business meetings in Australia, you should shake hands with the other person at the beginning and ending of the meeting. Men must always arrive at business events wearing a professional suit and tie although some companies may allow business casual wear but stay on the safe side with a professional suit. Women can wear a skirt suit, conservative dress or pantsuit to a business event. Like many parts of the world, the women should not wear excessive jewelry or provocative clothing to business meetings. When you attend meetings you should be on time and if necessary, arrive ten to fifteen minutes early. When you're talking with Australian professionals, avoid bragging about your accomplishments as this is poor business etiquette in Australia. Also be direct and to the point when negotiating.

Australian Business Dining Etiquette

Here is how you should behave when attending a business lunch in Australia. Women should drink from the same spot on the drinking glass and the host generally does not let the guests look at the wine list so that the guests will not order the most expensive wine. If you need to excuse yourself temporarily, you should leave the napkin on the left side of the plate and if it is dirty, place it on the chair. Stay away from touchy topics such as politics, religion, sex and race relations. If you're going up the stairs, men must go before the women so that he can help her if she trips.

Pepper Your Conversations With Humor

If you have an Australian business partner he may decide to go on a fishing trip with you before starting the business meeting. Before the fishing trip you should visit a fishing supplies store to get the best fishing supplies and equipment and you should put a fish finder in your boat or kayak so that you'll have an easier time seeking the best fishing spots although your business partner will give advice. When talking with your Australian business partner, add humor to the conversation as this is important in Australian culture.

Other Tips for Business Etiquette

While English is the common language, keep in mind that when conversing in business situations,  terms that have a certain meaning in the United States may mean something else in Australia so it's a good idea to learn the local colloquial language used throughout the continent. For business luncheons, it's not required to tip but if you do, don't tip anymore than 10%.


Engaging in business in Australia is a rewarding experience since Australians are friendly and good-humored people to get along with. It is important that whether you're in a meeting with an Australian business partner formally or fishing with him, you need to respect the etiquette there to avoid being seen as disrespectful and even arrogant. Be a good listener and even if you disagree with the other person, don't put his opinions down or berate his character as this is rude.